Brookhaven First Time Home Buyer Incentives

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first time home buyer incentives
Thinking about buying in Brookhaven? If so, this is the ideal area for a long term investment. In Brookhaven, you don’t just buy a house to live in; you get a community to thrive in. Looking for first time home buyer incentives? Here are some of the biggest incentives for choosing a home in Brookhaven.


A Sense of Community

With only about 55,000 residents, Brookhaven is a close knit community, and that’s one of the biggest first time home buyer incentives in this area. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and live somewhere that has a community feel, Brookhaven needs to be on the shortlist.

That’s especially true for families. This area has numerous parks and playgrounds perfect for outdoor recreation with kids and dogs, and low crime rates make outdoor play safe. On top of that, Brookhaven’s schools are considered to be some of the best in the metro area.


Decision Making on the Ground Floor

Although people have been living in the Brookhaven area for over 100 years, the city was only recently incorporated in 2012. This move was primarily designed to give the community control over major decisions related to planning, parks and rec, zoning, and similar issues. When you move to Brookhaven, you get to be involved in that type of community control in a way that’s often impossible in a big city, and because incorporation is relatively new, you’re there on the ground floor. That’s one of the first time home buyer incentives that’s especially attractive to people who want to move into the area, raise their families, and maybe even start a local business.


Variety of Properties

The first settlers in this area built small summer cottages at the turn of the 20th century so they could get out of the city. Today, many of these homes still stand, and if you love Victorian, Queen Anne, Romanesque, or similar types of architecture, this can be a great place to explore that passion. In fact, many of the homes in Brookhaven are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

However, the area’s popularity has grown substantially since that time, and as a result, you can also find many mid-mod homes and even some new construction. There’s something for almost everyone in Brookhaven.


You Need to Act Fast

According to research collected by Fannie Mae, first time home buyers now account for close to half of all home sales. To be exact, 42 percent of buyers are new homeowners, which is a huge increase over 31 percent in 2011, and a lot of them are looking for first time home buyer incentives. With so many new buyers searching for their dream homes, the market has gotten competitive, and that’s especially true in areas such as Brookhaven where supply is low and demand is high.


If you find your dream home, you need to be ready to make a decision quickly and be prepared for the possibility of a bidding war. So that’s possible, you need a mortgage. To learn more, contact BrightPath today.

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