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How does a No Cost Loan work?

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Every loan has closing costs

Appraisers want to get paid for their services, title companies perform tasks that have costs associated with them, and your City, State, and County might apply some tax and recording costs.  The question then is 'Who is going to pay for all that stuff????' 

With the NO Cost option, WE do! 

That probabaly means the next question is 'How do you pay for all that stuff?'  The answer is via the rate. 

Cost is a direct function of rate.  Basically, just like a see-saw on playground, if one side is rate and the other is cost, pushing down on rate causes cost to go up and visa-versa.  With a No Cost option, we increase rate slightly to generate a higher credit or yield.  We then take that credit and pay those costs for you. 

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