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Super Saver 25 Year Mortgage

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Super Saver 25 Mortgage

Would you like to pay off your mortgage faster? Of course you would! Who wouldn’t? A shorter mortgage term will typically offer a lower interest rate and can save you a bundle in interest over the life of the loan. It can be a perfect solution for some but a daunting task for others. The challenge is being able to budget for that more aggressive 15 or 20 year payment. Most folks simply resign themselves to taking the 30 year route and watching that principal balance go down slowly.

However, the 25 year mortgage is a place in between that can still yield big savings but without the big monthly payment. We call it the Super Saver 25.

The Super Saver 25 Year Mortage will shave five years off the life of your loan equaling thousands of dollars in savings while keeping a payment you can afford! 

Here’s a quick example: 

Bob and Carol have a loan balance of $275,000 on their home. If they were to refinance today with a new 30 year mortgage, their principal and interest payment (P&I) would be $1353/month at a rate of 4.25%. If paid to term (i.e. 360 payments later), the total cost of loan would be $487,022. Although they would like to pay their home off more quickly, the 15 or 20 year terms were simply too aggressive for their comfort level. As an alternative, Bob and Carol opted for the Super Saver 25 Year mortage. By shifting to a 25 year mortgage term, they were able to save just over $40,000 in interest over the life of the loan for just $137/month in additional payment.

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If you can afford it and feel comfortable committing to a 15 or 20 year payment, it is a wonderful way to maximize your savings and really beat down a loan balance. However, if you aren’t willing or able to commit to the more aggressive payment schedule but would still like to see a bit more progress on your loan balance each month, the Super Saver 25 might be a great fit. You can enjoy thousands of dollars in savings for only a slight lift in your monthly payment. You can also apply more principal and pay the balance down even faster if your financial situation changes. We can also look to review your scenario and determine if a No Closing Cost refinance to a shorter term might be beneficial for you. While you can never truly have your cake and eat it too, the Super Saver 25 will at least give you a bigger slice of it without the bigger payment!

Loan Term 30 Yr 25 Yr
Loan Balance $275,000 $275,000
Interest Rate 4.25 4.25
Payment $1,353 $1,490
Increase in Payment/Month - $137
Total Cost of Loan $487,022 $446,934
Savings Over Life of Loan - $40,088

Being able to pay off your mortgage five years early provides peace of mind, especially when it’s at a rate that you and your family can more comfortably afford. 

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